What should I expect during a Bowen session?

Questions regarding your history and the reason for your visit are necessary information for the practitioner.
Hands on work usually lasting approximately 45 minutes with client lying on a massage table.
Application of the technique involves contact with the back, neck, shoulder, hamstrings and knees.

Do I need to do anything after a Bowen session?

During a Bowen session most people experience a profound sense of relaxation.
Water intake of between 6 – 8 glasses daily will assist the technique and body’s hydration.
It is important to keep moving ideally not sitting in the same position for any longer than half an hour on the day of the session.
It is advised to not use any other form of body work for 4 days either side of a Bowen session.

What should I wear?

Bowen is applied through loose clothing or sometimes directly on exposed skin.
It is recommended you wear loose clothing to Bowen sessions.
Clients remain fully clothed.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally clients require less than 5 sessions.
Some clients chose to have regular Bowen sessions to support their well-being.

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